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Los Robles Animal Hospital carries many products for your special canine or feline. All products we recommend have been carefully researched. We sell only those items we use in our hospital and on our own pets. Joint supplements, nutritional support, shampoos, crème rinses, safe dental toys, healthy grain free treats, martingale collars and matching leashes, thundershirts for patients with anxiety and dental care products are only a few of the items we stock and recommend to help maintain your healthy pet.

Drop by at your convenience and let us help select what is best for your pet. If we don’t carry a particular item, we will gladly special order it for you.


Thundershirts are a wonderful way to lessen anxiety in your pet.



We carry a complete line of antioxidants and vitamins to promote good health for your dog or cat. Ask if your pet needs to taking a supplement to benefit good health.


High quality glucosamine is an important supplement for most all breeds to provide joint protection. Large breed dogs, any patient with joint or back problems should be on this type supplement.


All shampoos are not the same. The shampoos we carry are proven to be effective when used correctly. We carry medicated shampoos, soap free shampoos, soothing shampoos and creme rinses. The doctors will recommend the shampoo that is best for your pet's skin.


Preventing deadly heartworms is important here in the south. There are many choices of heartworm preventatives. Let us help you decide the one that is best for your dog or cat.


Dental care for your pet is vital to keeping him or her healthy. Daily brushing, mouth rinsing, proper chew toys, routine dental check ups and dental scalings, polishings and flouride treatment when needed will help prevent gum disesase, tooth decay, hear


Many patients have anxiety secondary to moving, changes in routines or the addition of a new family member. We have natural ways to help your pet through this transition.


Many diseases respond well to dietary therapy. We carry a full line of prescription diets to extend the lifespan of your pet, control bladder stones, help with digestive issues, kidney or liver disease and heart disease.

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