Whether traveling for a month or just a few days, having a great place for your pet to stay is a top priority. So you and your four-legged friend are happy and relaxed while you’re away, we offer boarding services that provide for all of your pet’s needs.

Our climate controlled boarding facility features indoor runs and comfortable bedding as well as an outdoor play area. Canine boarders are fed twice daily and walked three times a day by one of our caring staff members. Each dog is walked individually and allowed an opportunity to run and play with one of our kennel technicians.

All boarders are offered a premium diet twice a day during their stay at Los Robles Animal Hospital. If your pet has any special dietary needs or a particular brand of food they enjoy, we encourage you to bring their diet with them. We ask clients to list any special requests regarding their pets’ diets, feeding schedule, or daily care when completing our boarding form. 

Due to the sanitation practices adhered to by Los Robles Animal Hospital, we are unable to utilize personal bedding for our boarding patients. Rest assured all patients will be provided bedding by Los Robles Animal Hospital in accordance with our patient care practices. 

We also offer a night walk to ensure your pet’s comfort and an additional playtime for your pet at an additional daily fee. Check with our receptionists regarding these services. We’d like to know if your pet has any medical needs or if you have any questions or concerns about their health. Our veterinary technicians are available to medicate your pet as needed and monitor their health while they board with us. If any health concerns are noted, our technicians will promptly notify one of our veterinarians so your pet receives immediate medical attention.

At Los Robles Animal Hospital we strive to offer our clients convenience as well as peace of mind while their pets are boarding. Please let us know if you’d like to take advantage of one of our additional services for your pet. We are pleased to offer baths and grooming, wellness exams, vaccinations, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and much more! Simply inform us of your request when making your pets’ boarding reservation and we’ll be sure it’s scheduled.

Our boarding form is located under the clinic form tab.

Boarding rates as of April 2020


<30 pounds $23.00 per night

31-50 pounds $24.00 per night

51-75 pounds $25.00 per night

>76 pounds $26.00 per night


All weights $19.00 per night

Additional boarding charges:

Medications administered once daily $6.00 per day

Medications administered twice daily $9.00 per day

Optional night walk $6.50 per night

Every patient being admitted into our kennel are given a Capstar tablet. This is for the protection of your pet to kill any live fleas that may be on them, or that they may encounter while in our care. It is safe to use in conjunction with all monthly heartworm and flea preventatives. The cost for Capstar is $6.50 for patients under 25 pounds and $7.00 for patients over 25 pounds. 

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