Canine and Feline Dentistry

Owners often overlook their pet’s dental health but the staff members of Los Robles Animal Hospital know it’s one key to the overall health of your pet. Bacteria from tartar and calculus on your pet’s teeth can cause gingivitis, tooth decay, and oral infections, as well as health problems that may affect their heart and kidneys. To minimize these risks and give your pet a winning smile and fresh breath, we offer dental services including:

  • Dental Prophylaxis
  • Extractions
  • Dental Care Consultations
  • Complimentary Dental Exams

Feline patients may have a condition called Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions (FORL). This condition can be very painful to your feline pet. The enamel actually erodes into the dentin of the tooth and commonly causes pain. Patients affected with FORLs may show increased salivation, oral bleeding or difficulty in chewing their food. It is important while your pet is under anesthesia the teeth are carefully inspected as these teeth should be removed to prevent painful fractures at the gum line.

Every patient undergoing dental prophylaxis has their teeth scaled by one of our skilled technicians while they are carefully monitored under anesthesia. Once the tartar and calculus are removed, each tooth is polished. This levels the enamel of the tooth so plaque and tartar will not be able to gather as easily in the future. After cleaning and polishing we offer a fluoride treatment. Fluoride encourages minerals to heal the damage done to the teeth by the acids in the mouth this causes the teeth to become harder and less prone to tooth decay. Additionally, fluoride inhibits the ability of bacteria in the mouth to produce the dangerous acids that decay the teeth. Once cleaning, polishing and the fluoride treatment are complete the pet is recovered by a veterinary assistant or technician until they are fully awake. While many patients are ready to go home right after their procedure, we require that they stay with us until the end of the day so we can assess their vitals and provide surgical after-care.

If we discover that your pet has a damaged or infected tooth, an extraction may be recommended. Our veterinarians will remove your pet’s tooth while they are anesthetized and provide inter and post-operative pain medication to ensure their comfort. Your pet will be sent home with antibiotics to prevent infection in addition to written instructions for their at-home care.

While it sounds as if most of the work to keep your pet’s teeth in tip-top shape happens at our clinic, the truth is that it all starts with you! In an effort to promote dental health and keep our patients’ teeth perfect, dental care consultations are available. During a consult a technician will examine your pet’s teeth and look for signs of dental disease. They’ll also demonstrate the proper tooth-brushing technique for pets, discuss the benefits of oral care, and be happy to schedule your pet’s prophylaxis.

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